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Perth stockists for Australian made Birdies Raised Garden Beds.  Birdies Raised Garden Beds are #1 in Australia, a quality product made from Australian BlueScope Steel.  

Unfortunately, The Original Birdies range is no longer available for re-order.  We still have these quality beds in stock, or you can look to our quality Raised Garden Beds.

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Birdies Raised Garden Beds

Proudly made in Australia since 2007 a quality product made from Australian BlueScope Steel using a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminium. Birdies Garden Products are “Made by A Gardener for The Gardener” and this is evident in all the raised garden beds, making growing your own organic vegetables at home a pleasure. Equally your Australian made Birdies raised garden bed will bring colour and life to your garden planting trees and shrubs, ideal for landscaping small courtyards with limited space. Note: sizing may vary +/-50mm due to manufacturing process

Learn more about Birdies Australian made beds

The Birdies modular raised garden beds offer a range of advantages over traditional wooden or plastic beds. The beds are fully customizable, allowing users to configure them according to their specific needs. Australian made they are also designed to be easy to assemble without the need for power tools, using nuts, bolts, and washers.

Another significant advantage of Birdies raised garden beds is that they are made from Aluzinc galvanized 22-gauge steel, which is both lightweight and strong. This material is known to last 4-7 times longer than standard wooden beds, making it a durable option for those looking for a long-term solution.

Additionally, Aluzinc is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making these modular raised garden beds suitable for outdoor use in Australia and ensuring they will not fade over time. Unlike some other materials, such as chemically treated wood or low-grade plastic, Birdies raised garden beds do not leach or break down over time, making them safe for growing food.


Birdies Modular Raised Garden Beds are a great solution for growing plants of all types in any australian garden. One of the main advantages of these garden beds is that they require no ground preparation, and the site for the bed does not need to be level. This makes it easy to set up your garden bed quickly and get started with planting right away.

Another benefit of the Birdies modular raised garden beds is that they can extend the growing season by warming the soil quicker than traditional garden beds. This means that you can start planting earlier in the season in Australia and enjoy a longer harvest. The raised height of the bed also makes it easier to protect your plants from pests and diseases, as the bed acts as a barrier and is easy to cover with netting or other protective materials.

The Birdies Modular Raised Garden Beds have been designed to be versatile and adaptable to different garden sizes and shapes and are easy to assemble.

Overall, Birdies Modular Raised Garden Beds are an excellent option for anyone looking to start a garden or expand their existing garden space. They are durable, long-lasting, and look great in any garden setting.